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Sweet Red Wines Are The Perfect Dessert Companion


Sweet red wines are the gateway for new wine drinkers. Most wines are dry and take some time to get used to, which is why most new wine drinkers need to be eased into the industry. New wine drinkers are young and these days, palates are accustomed to sweet foods. That means sweet wines are the perfect introduction.

Sweet red wines are actually harder to come by than sweet whites, but not impossible. Check a wine’s back label for clues, like the alcohol level. Generally, the lower the alcohol content, the greater the residual sugar (because it was not processed into alcohol), so the sweeter the wine.


Photo: http://www.brulee-catering.com/wp-content/uploads/Valentines-Day-Dessert-Flourless-Red-Wine-Cake-2.jpg

Sweet red wines are the perfect dessert companion, so keep your eyes out for Ports and Lambruscos. Zinfandels and Cabernet Francs are also great. Ask friends and family for any recommendations from particular brands, like Stella Rosa who has a few semi sweet red wines made from a blend of Brachetto grapes and others.

Lastly: many people think that a low-priced wine automatically means it’s inferior quality. This is not always true! A great quality wine, like many sweet red wines, can be very affordable. So for all you new wine drinkers, don’t feel bad about enjoying sweet red wines all your life. Soon enough, everyone will!

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