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Sweet Red Wines Are Not The Big Bad Wolves


Red wines can often be seen as the big bad wolf; a wine with a very acquired taste, that only particular people like, and that is not sweet. Fortunately, today, this is no longer true. There are red wines that can be enjoyed by all. Along with the ever so popular dry red wine, there is now some competition with sweet red wines.


Red wines are known for their health benefits, and now, even those who typically care for the taste of red wine can reap the benefits. Red wine is derived from hundreds of varietals, meaning that there are multiple different grapes that the wines can come from, and from there, there are multiple ways the grapes can be blended. All red wines, including sweet red wines, receive their color from the grape skins, leaving even more health benefits behind. Red wine is said to help the heart due to being so heavy in antioxidants. The difference between sweet red wines and other dry red wines is that the fermentation process is stopped sooner than with other red wines, resulting in the same health benefits, but a sweeter red wine. Just remember, sweet red wines do contain sugar, so keep that in mind when thinking about health benefits!

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