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Sweet Red Wine: The Red Starburst Of Wines


In a package of Starbursts, which is your favorite? What about Skittles? Gummy bears? Most likely, 9 out of 10 answers will be red. So why limit your favorite reds to candy? Sweet red wines are our favorite wines out of the package.

The difficult thing about sweet red wines comes with the difference in tastes: is it really sweet or is it actually just fruity? Some wines can be sweet, others can be fruity, and some red wines can be both sweet and fruity. When searching for the perfect sweet red wine for you, you need to know some key terms: sweet, off dry (or semi-sweet), and dry (not sweet).The taste of the sweetness of the red wine comes from the residual sugar. Depending on this level of sugar, will result in the end sweetness of the red wine and is ultimately the difference between the pink and red starburst.


Whether you want a sweet red wine that is just like a red wine but with additional residual sugar, or if you are looking for the perfect fruity sweet red wine, Stella Rosa has the red wine for you. For a list of our collection, visit us at StellaRosaWines.com


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