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Sugar Skull Crafts For Day Of The Dead

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday to celebrate and remember friends and family who have died. Though this is a Mexican holiday, it has grown beyond its borders and is accepted and recognized by many other cultures around the world in some way or fashion. This post-Halloween holiday involves traditions like building personal and private alters, marigolds, favorite foods and drinks, and perhaps most recognizably, decorative sugar skulls. To get into the spirit this year, try your hand at one of these creative sugar skull themed crafts and dedicate it in memory of your loved ones.

sugar skull crafts

Sugar Skull Mask
You’ll need a skull mask, paint, and sharpies to decorate the mask. For the head wreath, you can buy fake flowers, or tissue paper and pipe cleaners to make them. This will last you forever.



Sugar Skull Pumpkin
Instead of carving a face into your pumpkin this year, grab some colorful paint and create the sugar skull face! You have the whole pumpkin to work with, and once you’re done, leave it out for show and tell.


stellaween halloween treats

Sugar Skull Wreath
You can easily make a wreath with flowers and a sugar skull by printing one out. Hang this up on your door at home to let the celebration begin!


Sugar skull craft ideas

Sugar Skull Lanterns
Print out or draw your own sugar skull designs on white paper and tape them around candles placed in clear jars. These “lanterns” will come alive just beautifully when they’re lit.

Sugar skull craft ideas are nearly endless, just check out Pinterest! Going all out for Day of the Dead celebrations is the way to celebrate and your deceased will truly appreciate it as they watch and celebrate with you from above. Don’t forget to include their favorite foods and drinks, Stella Rosa Wines included!

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