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Stellachella pt. 2: Tips and Tricks for Surviving and Enjoying the Ultimate Coachella Experience


What a weekend! Indio may be emptying out for the week but the posts and hashtags on social media will continue to grow all week long, fueling the excitement for those trekking there for Weekend 2. Overheard during Weekend 1: all the mumblings of attendees who lost their group, their belongings, or simply their mind (and not in a good way). So, we’ve listed out the most crucial tips and tricks to surviving the festival. A couple of days in the desert can go awfully wrong if you are not prepared. You didn’t shell out the hundreds to miss your favorite acts and attractions!

1. Stay hydrated. We cannot stress this one enough! H2O is your friend and when you’re out in the desert drinking and dancing like a maniac, you WILL get thirsty. Try to drink at least one bottle of water approximately every two hours. You will thank us later!

2. Beware of the sun’s harmful rays. Yes, it will get hot and not just due to the sea of people. Wear sunblock (preferably waterproof) and any other protective gear like hats or sunglasses. A gnarly sunburn won’t fare well with your weekend fun.

moscato coachella 2014

3. Be comfortable, and by that, we mean WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. Ladies (and gentlemen too), this is not the ideal time to wear fancy fashionable shoes. It might seem like a good idea at first, but when you have been standing for 10+ hours straight, you will regret it.

4. Establish a checkpoint. There will be THOUSANDS of people at Coachella, making it very easy to lose your party. Establish a place where everyone can meet in case someone gets lost from the group. This one is very crucial!

Stellachella by Stella Rosa Wines

5. Save your cell phone’s battery life. How else will you be able to establish that checkpoint? You’ll need a phone in the case of an emergency (but let’s hope you don’t have one). There will also be some charging stations at the festival so bring your cell phone charger too.

6. Send affirmative texts. With thousands of people in one location, reception can get frustrating. It might take hours before your text message goes through, so instead of writing “Where are you?” your text should say something like “Let’s meet in front of the Beer Garden at 9pm.” Be clear and concise. This will also help save you from wasting your battery too.

stellabrate with sweet moscato red bubbly wine

7. Bring something warm for the nighttime. Sure that might sound like a ridiculous idea, considering you’re in the desert, but people tend to forget that it can get cold in the night. Bring a sweater and a blanket so you don’t freeze your butt off!

8. Put your contact information on your valued possessions. Some may think that you can kiss your belongings goodbye once they have been lost at this huge festival, but most people are actually very nice at Coachella! So put your contact information on your easy-to-lose valuables. It will be worth it once you make your way to the Lost & Found booth.

9. Porta-potty essentials are a must. For those who are camping out at Coachella, this is a MUST for you (and for those who know better). Don’t expect the porta-potties to be clean. They are going to be dirty and reeking of some of the foulest odors to have ever swept your nostrils. Some things to bring would be seat covers, baby wipes, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer!


10. HAVE FUN! Ride on your good vibes – remember you did not spend all this money to be a Debbie Downer. Don’t be selfish because bad vibes can rub off on others. Be positive and Stellabrate like you have never Stellabrated before!

Coachella goes down in history every single year, in every single lucky soul who has battled the heat, the crowds, and the depletion of their funds. So whether you have just returned home from Coachella 2014 or are getting amped for Weekend 2, pour yourself a glass of Stella Rosa – you’ll either need to to wind down from an insane weekend or get excited for the sweet time you’re about to have. And for you Weekend 2 goers, remember to check out our recommendation of artists to see at the festival this year. You can never be too ready!