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Stellabrate Your Luck!

Irish 1

Let’s be honest: St. Patrick’s Day is more about drinking and wearing green than commemorating the patron saint of Ireland. So, if this is your excuse to have “a couple drinks,” then you are not alone! Many of us will be right there with you shamelessly drinking one drink after another. Pop open a bottle of Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco for a shamrockin’ time and give these cocktails a try:

The Shamrock – A delicious melon-y sweet and sour drink. Pour 4 ounces of Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco into a tall flute glass. Add 1 ounce of Midor, then gently stir in the sweet and sour mix.

Dragon Verde – A beautiful green cocktail with Hispanic and Japanese influences. Pour 1 shot Guanabana juice into a flute. Add in 1 shot of Midori, and top with Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco.

Irish Geisha – A touch of Ireland with a powerful Japanese sake kick! Pour a shot of sake into a flute. Add 1 shot of Irish whiskey and 1 shot of Midori, then top with Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco.

Irish 3

These are truly quick and simple specialty drinks anyone can make, including yourself! You don’t have to have a drop of Irish blood to Stellabrate St. Patrick’s Day. So, may the luck of the Irish enfold you!

Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco can be purchased at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, and from the San Antonio Winery online store. Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco is also available at many local retailers.

If you still need even more green drinks to Stellabrate with on St. Patrick’s Day, hop on over to our Pinterest for more cocktail inspiration!