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Stellabrate Baseball! Stella Rosa Is Partnered With The LA Dodgers And SD Padres This Season!


For the first time, Stella Rosa Wines is the official wine of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres! What’s more exciting to see your favorite baseball team and your favorite wine brand joining forces? Here are some details on these exciting Dodgers and Padres Partnerships this season:

When you visit either baseball stadium of these teams, you can find Stella Rosa Rosso and Prosecco at various suites and clubs. Soon, the wines will be available at all concession stands.



Img: @icequeen1966

Every home-game win, make sure you look up at the scoreboard and club-level LEDs – they’re going to tell you to Stellabrate with Stella Rosa, so you better do so!

There is also a captivating and dynamic commercial featuring Stella Rosa Red that plays on all stadium televisions. Stella Rosa Red is on of the brand’s Luxury Collection wines.

What’s great about the Stella Rosa Dodgers and Padres Partnerships is that it makes the wines more available to fans outside the stadium as well. Stella Rosa wines can be found at nearby liquor and grocery stores (not to mention practically all major grocery chains and independents in Southern California).


Dodgers and Padres fans alike enjoy Stella Rosa Wines as it is the perfect wine drink to have at the ballgame. It’s fun and perfectly refreshing to sip on at the games while still enjoying the game and time spent with pals.

It looks like Stella Rosa Wines hit a grand slam with their Dodgers and Padres partnerships this year!

Learn more about Stella Rosa Wines at StellaRosa.com.