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Stella Rosa Jello Shots: The Classy Way To Have Jello Shots

July is all about fun and parties around the clock, day after day. Can you keep your energy up for all the festivities? With these Stella Rosa wine Jello shots, you definitely can keep your cool! Pour yourself a glass of Stella Rosa and test out this recipe to turn this strange, wiggly addiction we like to call Jello, into an adults-only treat!


– 4 ounces Stella Rosa Rosso
– 1 three ounce package lemon gelatin
– 1 three ounce package orange gelatin
– 2 cups boiling water
– Plastic shot glasses or a large serving dish
– Diced fruit, optional

1. Whisk lemon gelatin, orange gelatin, and boiling water until all gelatin is dissolved.
2. Add Stella Rosa Rosso until well incorporated.
3. Add diced fruit, if desired.
4. Pour mixture into shot glasses or a large serving dish. Refrigerate until set.
5. If mixture was poured into a large serving dish, remove from dish and cut into bite-sized pieces when ready to serve.
7. Garnish and serve with diced fruit, if desired.



And that’s it! Jello has always been super simple to make, and the fine addition of Stella Rosa wine proves no different (just more fun and enjoyable!) You are most welcome to mix and match flavors of gelatin and Stella Rosa wine to your liking (you really can’t go wrong) so at your next shindig, have a dedicated Stella Rosa Jello bar and serve up a variety of flavors! Guarantee party-goers will be hanging around that bar area during the whole party. Que Shots by LMFAO.

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