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Semi-Sweet Wines And A Sweet Time On The Slopes


Racing down the slopes at Mt. High is a pretty sweet thrill, but capping it off with some Stella Rosa wine in between takes or at the end of the day is the frosting on top of it all. Your favorite semi-sweet wines of Stella Rosa are being served at Mt. High all season long! Just go to Big Pine, Foggy Goggle, or the Bull Wheel areas of the resort and ask for Stella Rosa Rosso or Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti – both popular flavors will be sold. Sister brand Bodega Sangria will also be available at all three locations!


These semi-sweet wines are best served chilled and though you’re thinking that a cold wine on a cold, crisp winter day might not be the most warming invite, you know that you cannot resist your love for Stella Rosa Wines! Any die hard Stella Rosa fan will tell you that no matter what the weather is like, what the occasion is, or where you are, a semi-sweet wine from Stella Rosa is always the best choice, hands down.

Learn more about these semi-sweet wines of Stella Rosa by going to StellaRosaWines.com or SanAntonioWinery.com. Make sure to share your memories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with #StellaRosa and #Stellabrate too!


Img. 1: @carlousmorenou

Img. 2: @beyondtheblush