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Stella Rosa®
Pinot Grigio


You’re not like everyone else - when others say no you say yes. And Stella Rosa’s Pinot Grigio is just like you! It’s different yet exciting. Our very first still wine is everything you look for in life, it takes you on a thrilling adventure with each crisp sip. Once you go Pinot, you’ll never look back.

Unlike the rest of the Stella Rosa brand that is semi-sweet and semi-sparkling, our Pinot Grigio is dry like traditional wines. With 12% ABV, this Italian wine is best served chilled.

Flavor Profile
Honey, green apple, and pear.
Size Variations
750 ml – Perfect to share with a few loved ones… Or just yourself, that’s okay too!
Food Pairing Recommendations
Pinot Grigio is perfect alongside appetizers, grilled chicken, and salads.