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New Years Celebrations Always Require The Right Sparkling Wine


Getting the perfect sparkling wine to countdown the New Year is as important as finding the right outfit. The glass of sparkling wine you carry will complete your outfit and your night. 2016 is a big deal and there’s no way you’re drink:

The bubbly – Champagne? Sure, this sparkling wine is traditional but it’s become redundant. Try something else that is equally delightful yet not as expensive, like Prosecco. And truth be told, Prosecco is the new Champagne these days. Some Proseccos are ever so subtly sweeter than others, it all depends what your preference is.

The brand – you want a brand that everyone knows, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be outrageously expensive. If it’s a brand no one knows, they may be hesitant to try it. But if it’s a brand they’ve seen, heard about, even tried, they’ll be drinking all night long. The brand you buy will reflect on you.


The cost – like we said, you don’t need a ridiculously expensive bottle of bubbly for New Years. There are very excellent award-winning sparkling wines on the market that you can get for $15. Many of which are under very popular brand names, like Stella Rosa Wines or Diama Sparkle, for example.

Every New Years celebration requires the right sparkling wine, and for us personally, it’s a lightly sweet Prosecco. Come join us and we’ll pour you a glass too!

Check out StellaRosa.com or DiamaSparkle.com for more information on those two great brands!


Img. 1: @sc0rpi04life

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