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Message In A Bottle – The Stella Rosa Version


For essentially just being a piece of paper with a picture printed on it, photos sure are worth so much. A single photo captures memories, history, laughter, all in one picture, becoming a very treasured token that deserves to be preserved and displayed in unique ways. We think this “message in a bottle” with recycled Stella Rosa wine bottles and various decorative trinkets is the perfect way to showcase these moments in time.


  1. Fill the bottle with small seashells, sand, and small rocks/ pebbles.
  2. Roll your photo into a tube and slide it into the bottle. Photos printed on paper work best. Use a chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil to push the picture down and open it up in the bottle.
  3. Seal the bottle with the cork. To give it another extra touch of personality, glue extra seashells or another adornment you like to the cork.
  4. Drape the neck of the bottle with anything personal, like costume jewelry for depth and even more character.


This is a great DIY craft for yourself and for friends! We know you have plenty of empty Stella Rosa bottles laying around, so get crafting now!

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