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Mark Your Calendars: National Wine Day Is Coming!

How many of you know that May 25 is National Wine Day? We’re not just making it up! It’s time to uncork some bottles of Stella Rosa because why wouldn’t you Stellabrate your favorite alcoholic drink! After all, it IS a National Holiday… The question remains: how do you go about Stellabrating National Wine Day? The answer: host your very own Stella Rosa tasting party! Wine tastings aren’t reserved for fancy restaurants and wineries. Your home can be the ideal place for family and friends to wine-down on this epic holiday. A little shopping and planning can make this wine tasting event fun and affordable and we’ve got all the tips to get you started!



Set the date
You will want to schedule your event for an appropriate date and time. Even though National Wine Day falls on May 25th, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that same day (though, it’ll set an extra festive mood, don’t you think?) You can make your own invitations by using coasters instead of the typical paper and envelope, or go the quick and easy route of setting up a Facebook event invite or sending out mass texts.

Figure out a theme
Choose a theme for your party. Get creative and go with a theme that you feel is best. One great idea could be a blind Stella Rosa tasting party where you wrap the bottles with aluminum foil and label them alphabetically or numerically for a little excitement. At the end of the wine tasting, unwrap the bottles and you might just be surprised at which ones are the favorites.


Buy Stella Rosa wines
You will want to purchase more than a couple of bottles of Stella Rosa. Don’t worry, we have plenty of flavors to choose from, including Rosso, Peach, Berry, and Moscato, just to name a few. Typically wine tastings feature between four to eight different wines. A good rule of thumb is to have about half a bottle of wine for each guest, however we recommend having more than that for each guest because no Stella Rosa lover will stop at just half!

Decorations are welcome! Go to your local party store and pick out the streamers, garlands, confetti, balloons, and any other festive decorations that best fits your party.


Shop for snacks
You can experiment with different types of wine pairings like chocolates and cheeses. Other goodies include fresh fruits, salami, mixed olives, pistachios, and crackers.

Get the music going!
Another thing to keep in mind is the music. Get the party bumping with your favorite Pandora or Spotify station.

Once you have all of this laid out, you will have all the essentials for your Stella Rosa wine tasting party. Please remember to Stellabrate responsibly. Happy National Wine Day y’all!