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Make Reality Television Even Juicier With A Stella Rosa Cocktail

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(Photo by Niki)

We’ve all got our guilty pleasures when it comes to reality television. Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 16 and Pregnant. Real Housewives of Orange County. America’s Next Top Model. There’s no escaping the gossip! Maybe you don’t follow the show religiously every week when there’s a new episode, but you can’t argue that the plot twists can get pretty juicy and captivating. There’s just something about watching other people try and live their lives that makes it so interesting for everyone else to watch on national television. You can further enhance your viewing experience by enjoying a Stella Rosa cocktail inspired by your choice show!


Our girl Niki runs her blog Love, Niki. Recently she let her world know that she is a fan of The Bachelorette and has decided to create a Bachelorette-inspired cocktail for each week of the show. Her first pick this season is called Fruity and Flirty and features Stella Rosa Peach with oranges and apples. Try it out! It’s super simple to make and will keep you wanting another.

Read Niki’s full blog post and cocktail instructions here. Enjoy your life and cocktail as you kick back and watch others try and figure out theirs!


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