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It’s that time of the year, and the force is upon us. Why kiss just anyone under the mistletoe this holiday season when you can kiss a Wookie? All Force Awakens jokes aside, we are beyond excited for the new Star Wars movie, and figured, why not stellabrate with a cocktail?!

We are planning ahead and preparing for the long lines that will be surrounding the theaters as well as the celebration we will want to have after watching, and this cocktail will be the perfect treat to help you to your seat and to the galaxy beyond after.

Our fellow rebel spies over at forcesofgeek.com came up with this delicious BB-8 approved Bellini that we are all about!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pour the blood orange juice and the white peach puree into a chilled glass, top with Prosecco, and enjoy!


To make this drink even fruitier, we suggest Stella Rosa Peach! This semi-sweet sparkling wine will perfectly compliment the white peach puree and will have your BB-8 running in circles!

This drink will have Ewoks and Wookies lining up around the block, and is sure to attract your future princess or Jedi!  Grab your BB-8 and your Bellini and you are all set to watch The Force Awakens!

For a list of all of our Stella Rosa wines and other cocktail recipes, visit us at StellaRosa.com.