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Impress Your Sweetheart: DIY Meals For Your Valentines Dinner

Dining at a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day is so last year. Why shell out for a meal you can probably do a better job of making on your own. Considering switching things up this year by cozying down in your sweats and preparing a meal at home together. It’s a great way to spend some intimate and hands-on time together. But don’t fret about putting together a menu, we’ve done the homework for you! Check out our easy dinner suggestions for a fun and romantic Valentine’s night in with your sweetheart.


For your appetizer, toss a salad together (kale salad seems to be all the hype now). Include your favorite fresh add-ins, like oranges or cucumbers.


roasted veggies soup

A hearty soup would also be a great idea, especially if your February 14 is a cold one!


Moving on to the main course… and this is where things might get messy in the kitchen.

baked potato 2

Loaded baked potatoes. Fill them up with cheeses, meats, and veggies – as much as you can stuff in there. Slather a nice gravy or creamy sauce over the top. For less carbs, choose a sweet potato instead of the traditional Russet potato. Seriously, what would we do if potatoes didn’t exist?



Decorate a pizza and let it bake. You can easily buy pre-made dough at the store or even try your local pizzeria. For the more ambitious, you can make it from scratch with this recipe.



Freshly made pasta is sure to impress with its amazing texture and bite. It’s not nearly as difficult to make as you think! Homemade sauce from scratch will also prove more impressive than sauce from a jar.



For dessert, we recommend a sinful and decadent chocolate fondue. Have a varietal selection of fruits, cookies, and candies – we love having strawberries, peaches, marshmallows, spongecake, ladyfingers, etc.


And of course, what would the most romantic night of the year be without a glass or two or three of Stella Rosa? Remember to just let your culinary creativity and imagination take over! Preparing the food is only half the fun – the other half is the time you spend with your love.

For more fun and delicious recipe ideas, check out our Pinterest board!