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How To: Wine Cocktail DIY!

Semi-sweet white wine is great alone, as an aperitif, paired with food, but especially delicious as a wine cocktail. So how do you know what to put into your semi-sweet white wine if you don’t even know what foods to pair with it? It’s simple!


Here are some of our tips for how to make the best white wine cocktail you will LOVE!

  1. Taste your wine. What scents come to your mind when you smell the white wine? Is it fruity? Peaches? Berries? Once you have your answer, you have your base pairing for your cocktail.
  2. Now that you have some basic tastes of the semi-sweet white wine you can now think of other foods you normally pair with that fruit. Make sure you like this fruit, because this will only enhance the flavor of that specific fruit in the wine.
  3. If you are feeling extra adventurous, ask yourself what alcohols you would normally think to pair with that fruit in a regular cocktail. Tequila? Rum?
  4. Garnish! Add mint, rosemary, orange peels, edible flower, sage, lavender, the options are limitless! Just go with what you like and what you would normally pair with that fruit.


What is your favorite white wine cocktail combination? Use Stella Rosa wines in your next wine cocktail and be sure to tag us on social media @StellaRosa! To try out some of our wine cocktail recipes, visit us online at StellaRosaWines.com


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