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Having A Jam: DIY Stella Rosa Peach Jelly!

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We’re deep into Peach Month and those succulent, juicy, ripe peaches are begging to be enjoyed before the season is over. So, we came up with the best jelly to your peanut butter! The best jelly to your morning toast! The best jelly to ever grace your lips! Enhance your slices of bread with some homemade  Stella Rosa Peach Jelly! Follow our easy recipe on how to jar the best peach jelly you’ll ever have.


Ingredients (enough for 2 medium sized jars):
– 1/3 bottle Stella Rosa Peach (you can purchase a bottle online from the San Antonio Winery)
– 1 pound peaches (3-4), pitted and cut into large pieces
– Needles of 1 rosemary sprig
– 5 tablespoons sugar
– 1 teaspoon ground vanilla bean or vanilla bean extract
– 1 tablespoon agar agar (sea vegetable flakes used in jellies)
– Jars, rings, and lids

1. Thoroughly clean jars, lids, and rings to minimize the chance of bacteria. A good, simple method is to boil them in hot water.
2. Clean, pit, and then cut peaches into pieces.
3. Blend peaches, Stella Rosa Peach, sugar, and vanilla. For smoother, finer jam, blend longer.
4. Pour puree into a pot, reserving some to pour into a separate small bowl.
5. Add agar agar to the small bowl and combine. Pour this mixture back into the pot with the rest of the puree. Add rosemary needles.
6. Bring mixture to a boil for 2 minutes (or according to the instructions on the agar agar package. Different brands have slightly varying instructions).
7. Divide mixture into jars, seal with lids and rings, and refrigerate. They’ll be ready to use once they’ve cooled!


After trying this Stella Rosa Peach Jelly, you’ll never seek out another at the grocery store! Enjoy this for yourself, but they’d also be great gifts for a friend! Take advantage of Peach Month and the ripest peaches you will ever get during the year! This Stella Rosa Peach Jelly on a few slices of toast is the best thing to wake up to, and the best thing to enjoy throughout the day!

Purchase your bottles of Stella Rosa Peach, and more, online from the San Antonio Winery.

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