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Gobble ‘Til You Wobble: Thanksgiving Dessert And Wine Pairings

We love Thanksgiving for the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, but let’s face it, most of us live for the number one food item on our minds: dessert! Pie, cake, and ice cream without Stella Rosa wine would be considered a crime in our book. Indulge in some of our favorite Thanksgiving food and wine pairings! You won’t regret it!

Pie 1

Cinnamon Crumble Apple Pie
Enjoy a slice of this cinnamon-y, crumbly apple pie with a glass of Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti. Our Moscato D’Asti is truly a gift from the wine gods. Its versatility and low alcohol content make it the perfect addition to your gathering this year, and a surefire hit with your delightful apple pie slice.

Pie 2

Pumpkin Pie
Don’t skip out on a slice of this classic Thanksgiving dessert! After all, how often do you get to eat pumpkin pie at any other time of the year? Enjoy this with Stella Rosa Black. With natural flavors of ripe blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry, Stella Rosa Black never goes out of style. You’ll taste a pleasant surprise when you pair it with your pumpkin pie dessert!

Pie 3

Pecan Pie
Pecan pie is great, but it is even better with a glass of Stella Rosa Rosso. This original Stella Rosa flavor has stood the test of time for a reason. This divine Thanksgiving red wine contains a proprietary blend of several red grape varietals, including Brachetto. Even those who are not fans of red wines see Stella Rosa as the sole exception. Give it a try with your slice of pecan pie!

Our three pairing suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg, if you will. Stella Rosa offers numerous flavors to fit your taste buds, like Stella Rosa Berry, Pink, Peach, and our new Red, to name a few. Stella Rosa knows no wrong, trust us, so save room for Stella Rosa and dessert this Thanksgiving!

Stella Rosa Wines are available for purchase at San Antonio Winery, or contact your local retailer.

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