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SR Cake 1

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!  As if we really needed an excuse to indulge in all things sweet.  We are not questioning anything because this is a “holiday” we can really get behind.  There is no shame in pairing a few of your favorite treats, and it’s pretty obvious chocolate and wine are our faves.  Today we are treating ourselves to a little chocolate cake and Stella Red – ok we lie, maybe a lot of chocolate cake and a lot of wine.

Stella Rosa wines are semi-sweet and sparkling and a perfect combo with this chocolate cake we created special for this day.  We grabbed all of our favorite candy bars and added chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, because why not?!

SR Cake 2

If you are in the mood for a little or a lot of chocolate cake today, make sure you are pairing it with your favorite Stella Rosa wine.  We can’t think of a better way to Stellabrate National Chocolate Cake Day, can you?  For the full collection visit our website.  You can also shop in-store or online from San Antonio Winery.