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Food And Wine: What To Eat With Your Glass Of Stella Rosa?

“Fresh fruit, cheese, spicy cuisine, and dessert.” That’s what you’ll find on the back of every Stella Rosa bottle. But while these semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines are quite versatile and interchangeable when it comes to food pairings, haven’t you ever wondered what Stella Rosa would recommend as her favorite recipes to try with her wines? Well, she’s finally here to spill some of her favorite delights!


Stella Rosa Rosso, “The Original,” has flavors of strawberry and red berries, and goes well with fruit tarts, like a Roasted Berries Tart that has a perfect sweet-to-tart balance.



Stella Rosa Black, “The Seductive One,” boasts strong blackberry and raspberry characteristics. Enjoy a glass of our wine with a chocolate cake, such as this lovely Earl Grey Chocolate Cake.



Fresh peach, honey, and red berry characteristics can be found in Stella Rosa Pink, or “The Flirt.” Fruit salads, like a Mango Berry Crunch Fruit Salad, are just perfect with this fun wine.



“The Summer Crush,” Stella Rosa Peach, has impressive white peach and honey characteristics. A glass of this refreshing wine is great with pastries, like Cherry-Peach Turnovers With A Sweet Bourbon Glaze.



With fresh strawberry, blackberry, and red berry flavors, Stella Rosa Berry, “The Best Friend,” goes really well with a chocolate dessert, like a rich Chocolate Mousse.



Stella Rosa Moscato, “The Versatile One,” is a refreshing white wine with flavors of pear and apple. Paired with light fish, like Grilled Salmon Skewers With Honey And Lime, it’s the perfect combination.



Yellow peach and honey characteristics can be found in Stella Rosa Bianco, “The Charming One.” Pastries like Apricot Almond Pillows are just right with this delicate wine.


Stella’s favorite pairings are absolutely delightful with her wines, and the recipes above are not too complex for you to try on your own. Of course, each person has his or her own preferences, so we want to hear from you too! What are your favorite dishes to enjoy with Stella Rosa Wines?

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You can purchase Stella Rosa online from the San Antonio Winery.