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Flowers, Chocolate, And Sweet Red Moscato


Roses, chocolate strawberries, and sweet red wine might be cliché for Valentine’s Day, but really, the girls will always appreciate it and absolutely love it, even for being such a “traditional” gift. Many find Valentine’s Day to be cheesy, corny, unnecessary, but trust us, even if she says that, give her a nice gift anyway.


You can seek out a company who will arrange the flowers, wine, and chocolate strawberries gift into a nice arrangement, or you can easily do it yourself. Chocolate strawberries go very well with sweet wine, so choose a sweet red Moscato. Stella Rosa is a very popular wine brand – the bottles are attractive, the flavors are very nice, and the essence of the brand makes women feel important, glamorous, and fun. Stella Rosa has three sweet red Moscatos (Stella Black, Stella Rosso, and Stella Red) and all three are fitting for a Valentine’s toast.


Stellabrate your love with Stella Rosa wines! Go to StellaRosa.com to learn more and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with fun happenings! To purchase, go to your nearest retailer, or go to SanAntonioWinery.com. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


Img. 1: @sweetestbarr

Img. 2: @alma_delvillar

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