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Easy Overnight Sticky Bun Recipe (Holiday Family Recipes)


The plate reads… More savoring, Less Laboring… so so so true. Especially around the holidays. Having a homemade treat like these homemade Sticky Buns to greet some friends when they drop by for holiday visits is always a nice surprise. And the best part of this recipe is you make it ahead… and the ingredients list is short… it really couldn’t be easier. It looks so festive and fun on these sweet West Elm Plates (found in the West Elm Market). If there was ever a mantra to start saying to yourself today… and all through the holidays… it should be More Savoring, Less Laboring… am I right?!?!

I was really impressed with the Market on West Elm’s website. Lots of great gifts and the prices were not bad at all. You could get some gifts crossed off your list really easily (Christmas shopping online=PJ shopping… it’s a win win!) So grab your coffee… make some homemade sticky buns and have a shopping trip… at home 🙂 West Elm Market is a total home toolkit in four key categories: Kitchen, Garden, Care & Repair and Personal Care. The brand focuses on functional design, local production, entrepreneurship, and community connections. The first store, West Elm Market Brooklyn, opened in October 2012. A true neighborhood destination, the West Elm Market stores include a cafe and a common area for community workshops. Several West Elm stores across the country have West Elm Market shop-in-shops.


These sweet buns take just a few ingredients. Easy to keep on hand and whip up for a special weekend brunch. I normally make this in a Bundt pant. I make these every Christmas Eve so that we can wake up to homemade Sticky Buns. It is a favorite tradition. So easy too! This recipe makes a ton of sticky buns. We have never finished the pan. I actually halved the recipe (shown here)… because I wasn’t really making it for a crowd. Just something to keep in mind… the rolls have a mind of their own. They will quadruple in size… if you think the pan isn’t filled enough… believe me it is. See photos below for proof!


You put the recipe together….and place in the oven to let rise overnight. I cover loosely with foil so it doesn’t overtake my oven. When you take the foil off in the morning….they look like this…ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh


Leave them in the oven and heat to 350…heating for 30 minutes. Invert immediately on serving plate. Scrap all the gooeyness from the bottom of the pan and place it on the sticky buns.


There are a ton of fabulous serving pieces on WestElm’s website. Go poke around and see what’s new….and get some gifts…one for me please;) CleverlyInspired6




Here’s to Less Laboring and More Savoring this entire holiday season!


This post originally appears on Tracie Stoll’s Cleverly Inspired, a DIY project blog to inspire creativity within others. Check out more of Tracie’s projects here.