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Dreams do come true when you wish upon a Stella Rosa.

Everyone is familiar with wishing upon a star. We believe no matter your age, or how far-fetched your wish is, you need to keep wishing upon the stars because wishes really do come true, and we’re here to make sure of it! You can think of the “Wish Upon A Stella Rosa”contest as our version of wishing upon a star but in this case, we really do grant wishes.

Since our fan base is so diverse, with so many different wants and passions, we decided the best way to Stellabrate and give back to our fans is to give them a voice! Whether you’ve been down on your luck and you’re just trying to catch a break, or someone you love really needs something, we want to hear your story, and make a difference in as many of your lives as possible.

When you enter our Wish Upon A Stella Rosa contest, you’re not just aimlessly wishing upon a star. We consider, deliberate, and grant a lucky few their wishes. Possibly you? Well, you won’t know unless you try…Whether you believe in fairytales or not, we want you to know that dreams really do come true when you Wish Upon A Stella Rosa.

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We’ve given back a total of $115,000 since this program started in 2018. 


Barbara P.

I was in complete shock and speechless when I received an email March 6th letting me know I was a winner of the $1000 Wish giveaway. After a few weeks, I received my gift cards in the mail & they couldn't have come at a better time allowing me to get much needed medication and groceries. The whole world has changed with this Corona virus and I'm beyond grateful I won. I did not have to worry about getting medication or groceries now. Thank you so much!

Barbara P.Vermont

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