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Don’t Just Celebrate Earth Day – Stellabrate It!

We have just the perfect ideas for you to Stellabrate Earth Day and show your support for environmental protection, and they all start with drinking Stella Rosa. Sounds good already, huh? Once you’ve finished off your wine, get to crafting something cool and handy with those bottles and corks. There’s no sense in throwing them away – do you REALLY know where your trash ends up? Mother Earth, your environmentalist friends, and the garbage and recycling companies will appreciate your efforts, and so will we – we love seeing what awesome things can be made with recycled Stella Rosa wine bottles and corks! Check it out – we’ve picked out some projects to get you started.

1. Wine Cork Plant Markers
One of the easiest and quickest turnaround projects is to make plant markers and identifiers out of wine corks. Just label each cork with a Sharpie, stick it on a wooden skewer, and wedge it into the soil. What’s particularly great about this is that cork plant markers have a more nature-like look to them than standard seed packets or engraved placards, letting your garden look more organic.


2. Wine Cork Place Card Holders
Now you don’t need to worry about losing your business cards or figuring out which of the many holders to buy at the office store! These are also great for holding up photos or greeting cards. Just make sure to make your cut and slit at the right angle so it stands up perfectly!

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3. Wine Bottle Bird Feeders
This one will require a little extra handy work, as you have to cut into the glass, so be careful when you do so! Wear gloves and protective eyewear. The birds will be chirping their thanks, making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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4. Etched Wine Bottles
Add your own elegant touch to your favorite wine bottles by etching in a design. Glass etching can be much easier than you might think and you’ll eventually find that you can’t stop your creativity after one bottle!


By reusing Stella Rosa bottles and corks, you’re doing your part in celebrating Earth Day, and you can do it all year long. Visit our Pinterest because there are a ton of cool crafts out there. In fact, why not make a party of it? Grab your friends and all the Stella Rosa you need for your projects and let the wine induce your creative juice flows. Once you’ve got the wine sipping on lock, it’s time to get crafting!