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DIY: Wine Cocktail Recipes


Being an adult is expensive! There is so much we have to spend on like bills, rent, groceries, clothes, and alcohol. Yes, alcohol is a necessity in many of our lives and as much as we like the occasional drink now and then, just one drink alone can cost $10-15 (on the low side). Don’t you wish you were able to make your own wine cocktail recipes at home on your own? You’ll have to buy the ingredients but if you break it down, you’ll end up spending less and get more cocktails out of it!


What you should do is look online for recipes of your favorite wine cocktails, as well as looking for some that you may have never tried before. Take into consideration the level of difficulty of the wine cocktails. Some will have you creating a simple syrup on the stove. Others may require a blender. Yet some may also ask for ingredients you are unfamiliar with. Also keep in mind the ratios of ingredients and prices.


Once you’ve got all the ingredients and equipment you need, go on and try out your own bartending skills! Invite some friends over to try out your new wine cocktail recipes. You’ll get the hang of it and soon enough you’ll be hosting gatherings every weekend and even experimenting and mixing and matching ingredients without following someone else’s instructions!

For some easy and very tasting wine cocktail recipes, go to StellaRosaWines.com. You can purchase Stella Rosa from your local retailer or go to SanAntonioWinery.com.


Img. 3: @richellejoyce_artistry