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DIY: Chalkboard Wine Glasses


Have you ever forgotten where you set your drink down at a party, or placed it down next to another person’s drink and then you couldn’t tell which one was yours? Wine glasses need some name tags and while wine-charms can help differentiate one glass from another, the easiest way to identify yours is if it has your name written explicitly on it! So, pour yourself some Stella Rosa wine (in a glass you don’t plan on getting artsy with right now) and follow this super simple tutorial!

What you need:
– Wine glasses
– Chalkboard pain (yeah, there is such a thing!)
– Cardboard
– A Container or bowl (large enough for base of the wine glass to fit into)
– Parchment paper
– Chalk


1. Lay cardboard on a table. Layer parchment paper on top. This will be your work surface.
2. Pour chalkboard paint into the container or bowl.
3. Dip the bottom of the wine glass into the paint. Wipe the bottom of the glass against the lip of the container or bowl to remove some excess dripping paint.
4. Set the glass upright on the parchment paper to let it dry. After 20 minutes, move the glass to a clean area of the parchment paper. Moving the glass prevents excess paint from drying onto the glass.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with remaining wine glasses.
2. Once completely dried, you can use chalk to write names on your newly chalkboard-painted wine glasses!


It’s as easy as that! These DIY wine glasses retain simplicity and sophistication. You still get an elegant look with a little fun twist! Now you and your girlfriends will never have to play the “whose is whose” game with mixed up glasses of Stella Rosa wine!

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