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Chocolate & Wine: Stellabrate The Month Of Love!

Stellabrate the month of love with these decadent Stella Rosa and chocolate pairings! Chocolate and wine have always made the perfect pair (almost as perfect as the pairing of you and your lover!) And not to worry because this year we’ve made it easier for you – just follow our pairing guide! So whether you’re sending a heart-shaped chocolate box or any other type of chocolate assortment, this guide will help you pair the perfect Stella Rosa wines with your chocolaty Valentine’s Day gifts!

Stella and Chocolate 1

Milk chocolate and Stella Rosa Rosso – Milk chocolate appeals to almost anyone. The creaminess adds a little additional fat, which helps it work well with more wines than dark chocolates.

White chocolate and Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti – White chocolate is technically not chocolate but that doesn’t stop any of those chocolate lovers from enjoying it. White chocolate is versatile when it comes to wine pairings too!

Dark chocolate and Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rose – A true dark chocolate has at least 35% cocoa solids, and as much as 99%, making it really bitter!

Stella and Chocolate 2

Caramel chocolate and Stella Rosa Imperiale Brachetto – Chocolates with caramel are the perfect concord of sweet, bitter, salty, and fat. The caramel adds a sweet type of salinity. When pairing caramel chocolate with wine, it can either be complimentary or congruent.

Peanut butter chocolate and Stella Rosa Black – Peanut butter and chocolate are delightful treats, especially because the nutty flavors can be accentuated.


Enjoy these perfect chocolate and wine pairings with your sweetheart, and Happy Valentine’s Day from Stella Rosa Wines!

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