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Stellabrate the New Year with the Stella Rosa Imperiale Collection! These five artisan sparkling wines will bring you into the New Year the right way. We have characterized these five delicious Imperiale wines to help you find your best match! So which Stella Rosa Imperiale are you? OR, better yet, which Stella Rosa Imperiale wine do you strive to be in the coming New Year? The Young at Heart: Delicate, sophisticated, and colorful, Imperiale Moscato Rose has flavors of rich nectarine and yellow peach.


We’re already dreaming about Winter.  Everywhere you turn you see holiday lights, Christmas trees, and festive decorations that make it impossible not to feel joyful.  We are getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year with one of our favorite wintertime staples – hot chocolate!  This isn’t your average hot chocolate though, so prepare yourself for a chocolatey-wine treat with this Stella Rosa Red Wine Hot Chocolate.


The holiday season is always fun and joyful! That is, until you have to buy a present for the one person who either hates everything, or has everything. We can assure you, the one thing they will not hate or have (or have too much of) is semi-sweet sparkling wine.


Getting the perfect sparkling wine to countdown the New Year is as important as finding the right outfit. The glass of sparkling wine you carry will complete your outfit and your night. 2016 is a big deal and there’s no way you’re drink:
Dessert We love Thanksgiving and we take the holidays pretty serious around here, so having the perfect wine on Thanksgiving is fairly high on our importance list.  We can almost taste the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, but let’s face it, most of us can’t wait to dig into that desserts table.  Desserts and Stella Rosa go hand in hand, so today we are pairing some of our favorite Thanksgiving Day desserts with some of our favorite Stella Rosa wines.  Save room for dessert!


Still writing your last minute holiday shopping list? We just made your list much easier: semi-sweet wines are the perfect addition to your holiday meal! Whether you are in charge of appetizers, the main course, side dishes, or dessert, semi-sweet wines pair with everything!
Stella SEO 11.23.15 A Tequila Sunrise is a solid go-to bar drink, or at least it is in our book with a Stella version we’ll introduce to you shortly. It has just the right amount of sweetness and doesn’t fill you up like some cocktails do. It also won’t make you forget the rest of your night after one drink! All of these are great reasons as to why it is such a great cocktail, not to mention a very attractive looking one!

SR_Hot Wine_1

The holidays are just around the corner and with the chaos that they often bring, who has the time to spend making a complicated drink?  Not us!  Plus, we’re certain you'd rather spend that time enjoying the company of your family and friends.  This mulled wine recipe is quick and easy and we’re sure it will become your winter favorite drink.  Mulled wine is a traditional holiday beverage that is served hot or warm.  It’s the perfect drink that will warm you up during those chilly nights.  It’s also perfect for holiday parties and we made some using Stella Rosa!


We all have that one friend who does not like wine. Whether they had a bad experience, they have not expanded their wine palate far enough to figure out what they actually like, or they just refuse to try it, we have the wine for them to try: Moscato White Wine.


We love to mix things up around here, and today we are taking your everyday chocolate fudge cookies and transforming them into an adult version, which we are all about.  If we caught your attention, keep on reading because we are making chocolate wine cookies! That’s right, we are putting together your love of chocolate and wine and combining the two into one amazingly delicious bite of heaven. Be careful though, you may just be tempted to use your entire Stella Rosa bottle and then we guarantee these cookies will not last you through the night… You have been warned.