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Sweets and desserts is one of the biggest parts of any Valentine celebration. Between lovers, friends, and family members, Valentine’s can be celebrated between all people with all kinds of relationships. And one of the best wines that can be enjoyed by all is Moscato D’Asti because well, you need a wine for Valentine’s!
minishoot_02032016-1 A few things come to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day and that list includes chocolate, heart cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and wine, but not just any wine, Stella Rosa semi-sweet red wine to be exact.   Stella Rosa is semi-sweet and semi-sparkling wine that is light, refreshing, and perfect to enjoy with your favorite gal pals, or that special someone.  Wherever that day finds you, we recommend you Stellabrate with Stella Rosa semi-sweet red wines.


Roses, chocolate strawberries, and sweet red wine might be cliché for Valentine’s Day, but really, the girls will always appreciate it and absolutely love it, even for being such a “traditional” gift. Many find Valentine’s Day to be cheesy, corny, unnecessary, but trust us, even if she says that, give her a nice gift anyway.
Beyoncé is going on tour, the Super Bowl happened, and now it is time to focus on Valentine’s Day, or maybe Galentine’s Day, whichever you prefer.  Whether you are planning the perfect date, planning on being surprised by your partner, or figuring out what to do with your girls, Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to break out your favorite semi-sweet sparkling wine and some glasses. Stella Rosa is the perfect wine for this weekend because it pairs great with multiple dishes, especially romantic dinners and chocolate dipped strawberries. Take an alternative route to Champagne this Valentine’s Day with America’s favorite semi-sweet sparkling wine, Stella Rosa. Flavors range from Moscato, to fruity, to semi-sweet red wines. Pair your favorite semi-sweet sparkling wine with chocolates, strawberries, dinner, everything!
SuperBowl_1-2 The big game is this weekend and we can’t wait to spend time with good friends, while eating delicious food and drinking great wine, and let’s not forget commercial watching! That’s right, for this Super Bowl 50 we will be tuning in and enjoying it all with our Stella Rosa and Bodega Sangria (a sister brand of ours) in hand. SuperBowl_4-2 There are definitely no rules when it comes to appreciating a good game with a great glass of wine, so get your Stella Rosa and Bodega Sangria ready because we are pairing our most favorite sweet wines and sangria with our most favorite Super Bowl eats!

SR Cake 1

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!  As if we really needed an excuse to indulge in all things sweet.  We are not questioning anything because this is a “holiday” we can really get behind.  There is no shame in pairing a few of your favorite treats, and it’s pretty obvious chocolate and wine are our faves.  Today we are treating ourselves to a little chocolate cake and Stella Red - ok we lie, maybe a lot of chocolate cake and a lot of wine.


As tradition goes, red wine is always favored over all others during the winter months. And so, when you’re up at Mt. High enjoying your day trip or quick weekend getaway, make sure you request Stella Rosa Rosso from the Bull Wheel, Foggy Goggle, and Big Pine bar areas! Stella Rosa Rosso is a sweet red wine – the original semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine, actually! It’s got great strawberry and red berry characteristics. Because this red wine is on the sweeter side, it is very easy to enjoy anytime during your snow day, whether you’re sipping on a glass during your mid-day break or at the end of your day when you can relax in front of the fireplace.


Racing down the slopes at Mt. High is a pretty sweet thrill, but capping it off with some Stella Rosa wine in between takes or at the end of the day is the frosting on top of it all. Your favorite semi-sweet wines of Stella Rosa are being served at Mt. High all season long! Just go to Big Pine, Foggy Goggle, or the Bull Wheel areas of the resort and ask for Stella Rosa Rosso or Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti – both popular flavors will be sold. Sister brand Bodega Sangria will also be available at all three locations!
32_italian cream cake Today we're having our cake, eating it too, and pairing it with Stella Rosa, because who doesn’t love a cake and wine combo? We are all about mixing sweets and our sweet tooth is on overdrive this month, so we are pairing this tasty Italian Cream Cake with our Stella Rosa Platinum. The natural flavors of green apple and vanilla in Stella Platinum really brings out the creaminess in this decadent Italian cake.