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February quickly came and left, and we are very excited for spring and the warmer weather it brings.  Although we are always in the mood for Stella Rosa, springtime is especially great for enjoying refreshing and tasty semi-sweet wines like these.  Stella Rosa is best served chilled and has a variety of semi-sweet sparkling red wines that range from blackberry to strawberry to red berry.  These sparkling red wines are great to enjoy during springtime as well as for special occasions like birthday parties, to no occasion at all, like a quiet dinner at home.

Stella Rosa Recipe

Like many, Fridays are one of our favorite days.  We look forward to wrapping up a long work week by relaxing with our friends, family, and favorite Stella Rosa wine.  We love a good wine and recipe pairing because what’s better than great food alongside great wine?!  We can’t think of anything either!  Today’s fun recipe is this tasty spaghetti with clams and garlic paired with Stella Rosa Rosso.  Happy Friday!


What makes the best Moscato D’Asti the best? You can rank Moscato wines in various ways:
  • What brand the Moscato D’Asti is from
  • The flavor profiles
  • The aromatic characteristics
  • What awards it has won
  • How it makes you feel


Semi-sweet red wines have steadily been growing in popularity over the last few years, and a big push behind this are the millennials who are of drinking age – the majority of wine drinkers are millennials! This younger generation is more accustomed to sweeter flavors and having a good time, which is exactly the kind of vibe and essence that semi-sweet red wines gives off.


Sparkling white wine is not only great for special occasions, but is also the perfect companion for all spring and summer events! As fun as it is to toast sparkling white wine at midnight on New Year’s Eve or at your company’s holiday party, it is just as great and refreshing on a spring or summer night. Best part about it? That isn’t where it ends. The possibilities for sparkling white wine are limitless. From an aperitif, to mimosas, to other cocktails, to food pairing, sparkling white wines are incredible for any occasion.


Semi-sweet white wines are light and refreshing. When you’re having a rough day, pour yourself a glass of white wine. When you’re having a relaxing day, pour yourself a glass of white wine. When you’re having a party with pals, semi-sweet white wine is your drink. If it sounds like we’re insinuating that semi-sweet white wine is the wine to have for any and all occasions, it’s because we are!


How can you say no to any Girl Scout when she’s selling those delicious cookies you love so much? They only come around this time of year so it’s absolutely imperative to stock up, as always. Girl Scout cookies are the perfect nibblers to snack on during the day or for dessert. And to make them even more enjoyable this year, we’ve gone and paired your favorite Stella Rosa Wines with the cookies!
Semi-sweet white wine is great alone, as an aperitif, paired with food, but especially delicious as a wine cocktail. So how do you know what to put into your semi-sweet white wine if you don’t even know what foods to pair with it? It’s simple! White-Wine-Cocktail_1 Here are some of our tips for how to make the best white wine cocktail you will LOVE!
Valentine’s Day stands for so many different ideas. It stands for love, happiness, courage. The holiday of love initially began as just sending cards, but now calls for extravagant gestures to show just how much you love that special someone in your life, your best gal-entines, your family, or your pet. All need to be loved, and this holiday is a perfect reminder of the love that you deserve and the love you give. So, how are you going to show your love this Valentine’s Day? Here are some lovely Valentine’s Day ideas for your Val or Gal-entine! Roses are beautiful, but it is still a flower. An alternative? A love cactus! Paired with these baby Stella Rosa bottles, this is the perfect gift, and will last longer than a bouquet!


Being an adult is expensive! There is so much we have to spend on like bills, rent, groceries, clothes, and alcohol. Yes, alcohol is a necessity in many of our lives and as much as we like the occasional drink now and then, just one drink alone can cost $10-15 (on the low side). Don’t you wish you were able to make your own wine cocktail recipes at home on your own? You’ll have to buy the ingredients but if you break it down, you’ll end up spending less and get more cocktails out of it! Wine-Cocktail-Recipes_2 What you should do is look online for recipes of your favorite wine cocktails, as well as looking for some that you may have never tried before. Take into consideration the level of difficulty of the wine cocktails. Some will have you creating a simple syrup on the stove. Others may require a blender. Yet some may also ask for ingredients you are unfamiliar with. Also keep in mind the ratios of ingredients and prices.