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Moms deserve recognition at the very least once a year, but coming up with a unique gift can be a challenge.  This year, no need to worry because we have the perfect way to make the moms in your life not only feel special but...

Wine-Cocktail-Recipes_1 Ever just need to satisfy a specific craving but don’t want to resort to the cheap cookies in your cupboard? Or you try to get creative, start blending different things to make a certain flavor, and you end up more dissatisfied than when you first started? Well I know I’ve been there, sometimes it’s just better to follow something tried and true.


After a long week of meetings, appointments, and deadlines there is nothing we look forward to more than the weekend.  Whether you have a jam packed schedule of errands to run, people to hang out with, or simply laying low and catching up on your favorite shows, one thing’s for sure – we will be making time to sit back, relax, and enjoy Stella Rosa.
SR_CAKE Today we are combining two of our favorite things: wine and chocolate into one tasty pairing.  We don’t ever really need a reason to indulge in chocolate, and we believe every day is a great day to enjoy a glass of Stella Rosa, so why not pair those two amazing things together?!


Even though Rose wines and sangrias are the stars during spring and summer, we still like to sip on a delicious red wine every now and then. We’ll save the dry red wines for the winter season; these hot days call for cold, refreshing, fun wines like semi-sweet red wines. And of course, because we do care about the quality and reputation of the things we consume, we always choose award-winning semi-sweet red wines from our favorite brand, Stella Rosa Wines.

Fan-pire_1 Festival season is upon us and while we may be stressing out about finding that perfect outfit, one thing’s for sure - we know that our drink of choice is going to be Stella Rosa!  Stella Rosa is semi-sweet and very refreshing, and since it’s best served chilled, it’s the drink to enjoy while relaxing by the pool with your closet friends.  We love adding fresh fruit in ours and making it into a fun Stella Rosa cocktail.  The options with Stella Rosa seem endless, and with the variety of flavors we carry you will find it difficult to choose your favorite.
Stella Rosa sparkling wine is perfect any time of the year, for any occasion, paired with any food, but with spring time being officially here, and summer just around the corner, we wanted to share with you the perfect pair that will win anyone over, and is a fun treat to cheer you up any time of day! stella-white-sparkling-wine_1 First step: Pick up your favorite Stella Rosa sparkling wine. This can be a red or a white wine, but be sure to choose a Stella flavor that you really love, and will love enhancing the flavor of. Second step: Head over to the frozen food aisle and pick up a box of your favorite popsicles. This can be your favorite fruit, Otterpops, 100% organic, the choice is completely up to you! Third step: Head home, pour yourself a glass of Stella Rosa sparkling wine and open up a popsicle, and stick it in the glass. Fourth step? Enjoy!  
You don’t have to be on a judging panel to know what kind of wine you like but it sure does help to know the ones that are award-winning wines, since they have been tried and tested by trained judges. SPARKLING-RED-WINES_1 Stella Rosa is an exclusive brand that has brought numerous award-winning sparkling red wines, and there is good reason for that.  From a family whose roots have been planted in Los Angeles over 99 years ago, their winery – San Antonio Winery – remains the oldest and largest producing winery in L.A.
Fresh SR_BLOG Good things come in threes and this charismatic combo is packing quite the punch.  With bold colors and bold flavors, they are sure to satisfy any palate. The vibrant magenta tone of the Stella Berry cumulates from natural strawberries and blackberries.  The addition of red berry and its natural carbonation result in a light semi-sparkling sweet wine.


Your best friend’s birthday is coming up and of course, she expects you to give her a great gift. Not that you don’t want to, but having known her for over half your life, you’ve probably run out of creative and really thoughtful gifts. But here’s what is to hopefully be a helpful gift idea: wine! You’re both of drinking age now, and the wine industry is calling you. Millennials are finding trends in wine so here’s to you two dipping your toes in too.