10 JunThe Perfect Wine and Popcorn Pairing!

We know summer is filled with playing by the pool, grilling, and visiting friends and family. We also know summer is very hot, and the air conditioner is our best friend during these hot months, meaning we tend to favor easy to whip up snacks over a meal that requires stovetop cooking. Visit your local San Antonio Winery, or shop your favorite summer wines, and get comfy with Netflix, wine, and snacks! We’ve paired some of our favorite wines with fun flavors! Be sure to tag us in your photos if you try them out!


Caramel Corn

Light, tropical citrus and guava flavors contrast the round mouthfeel of Maddalena Chardonnay. Subtle toasty flavors from oak barrel aging combined with the tropical sweetness of fruit create the perfect pair to caramel corn. Click here to purchase!


Cheddar Cheese

Maddalena Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect wine to pair with a cheese plate, so we thought we would experiment pairing cheddar cheese popcorn with our award-winning wine. The result was amazing! Flavors of plum, raspberry, and spicy black cherry were even more pronounced with each bite of the cheddar cheese popcorn. The wine’s finishing caramel and oak notes blend beautifully with the popcorn’s zingy, cheesy flavors. Purchase our Cabernet Sauvignon here!

Kettle Corn

San Simeon Sauvignon Blanc shows depth and body which is complemented by forward flavors of tropical fruit. What more can you ask for in a summer wine? Well, we’ve found a popcorn that will make our Sauvignon Blanc be your new summertime favorite: kettle corn! The wine’s bright acidity stands up nicely against the toasty sweetness of the kettle corn. The delicious hints of lime mid-palate and complimented by the candied-caramel-goodness. Click here to purchase!



This was our first time tasting Zebra popcorn, but it definitely won’t be our last! Zebra popcorn is caramel corn drizzled with decadent dark and white chocolate. The popcorn on its own was absolutely delicious, but we fell in love with the addition of Opaque Zinfandel! The jammy blackberry, boysenberry, and black cherry flavors are a delicious compliment to this decadent treat. Accents of dark cocoa in the wine are a nice accent to the dark chocolate flavors of the zebra popcorn. You can purchase our Opaque Zinfandel here!

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