17 JunDinner Date At Maddalena Restaurant


Running out of ideas of where to dine? Ok, maybe not exactly the case in Los Angeles which has an ever-growing culinary scene, but if you want an authentic Italian dining experience in the heart of LA, we have an idea for you and your honey, or your guests.

The Maddalena Restaurant, serving freshly made pasta, salad, meat, and sandwich dishes, offers a unique ordering experience. The menu changes weekly and you don’t pick based on a written menu, you pick based on a visual menu – after all, we all eat with our eyes! Now that’s sure to impress your dining guests!

This unique style carries through with the atmosphere where the restaurant is surrounded by redwood oak barrels. You might guess the restaurant has something to do with wine? Yes, it most certainly does! The Maddalena Restaurant actually sits inside Los Angeles’ own historic winery, San Antonio Winery, so before, after, or during your dining, make sure to get some of the winery’s award winning wines! You can even sign up for a tour of the winery, which is still in fully active production after 100 years here. There’s no slowing down this thriving winery and restaurant.


This might be a good way to spend a few hours with friends or out-of-towners, so plan accordingly by getting details on all these venues, under one roof, at SanAntonioWinery.com.

If you want so pre-visit tips on the Maddalena Restaurant, we recommend the lasagna, ravioli, clam chowder, and/ or tiramisu – these are fan favorites! You can view the full, daily menu online at SanAntonioWinery.com, but don’t forget that weekly specials get included all the time so you’ll just have to commit a day to dine at the Maddalena Restaurant to find out what those specials are!

Learn more about the Maddalena Restaurant and San Antonio Winery online at SanAntonioWinery.com. Be sure to also follow the winery on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for instant news and updates!


Img. 1: @miiickey719

Img. 2: @lexycbythesea