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Best Way To Chill Stella Rosa Wine


It’s Summer and the temps are rising – you’re obviously craving something light and refreshing to cool you down, right? Well, we’ve got you covered! The best Summer drinks are served over ice and our Stella Rosa wines are no exception to that rule. We’ve created some amazingly delicious and super simple frozen rosé ice cubes that will keep your glass nice and chilled all Summer long!


The days of watered-down drinks are over. These Stella Rosa Rosé ice cubes will never dilute your favorite wine like water does. All you need is some Stella Rosa wine and ice cube trays and you’re good to go. We used Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rosé because it has just the right amount of sweetness, perfect for that Summer refreshment you’re longing for. So, enjoy a glass of Stella Rosa today and don’t forget to add your Rosé ice cubes!

Pro tip: add some edible flowers or bits of fruit for an extra touch of elegance and flavor!

To find where to purchase your Stella Rosa, please visit your local retailer, or pick some up at San Antonio Winery in-store or online. Don’t forget to share your Stella Rosa Summer soirees with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #StellaRosa. For more fun Stella Rosa ideas, stay up-to-date with us on Pinterest.