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Best Dry Wines For Spring Season Happy Hour


Thanks to daylight savings, the days are longer! Sort of, not really. But the sun shines later on into the day, giving us more reason and desire to go out with friends and coworkers after work for Happy Hour. And there are more wine options on the menu like sangrias and roses. But, frankly, our favorite happy hour drinks in Spring and Summer are the best dry wines you can find all year long.


  • Stella Rosa Prosecco – this dry wine is sparkling with the most faint sweetness touch to it. This dry wine is a gold medal winner.
  • Diama Sparkle Rose – this one is the best dry wines of the rose type and the draw is the fact that it’s actually a sparkling rose wine! It’s not often you’ll come across one as exceptional as this one.
  • San Simeon Viognier – our favorite Viognier, this one is bright and luscious with ripe peach flavors and tropical notes.
  • Maddalena Zinfandel – one of the best dry wines from this Maddalena brand, this wine shows ripe red fruit like bright raspberry and spicy black plum.

These are the best dry wines we like for Happy Hour but we also like great semi-sweet wines like Stella Peach and Stella Rosso. To learn more about this Stella Rosa brand, go to StellaRosa.com; these wines are available at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, but you can also buy them online at SanAntonioWinery.com or at your local retailer.


Img. 1: @naye_charco

Img. 2: @angiebarajass91