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Sundays are family days and by family days we mean gathering at one’s home, piling our plates with food, filling our cups with alcohol, and shouting at the television. We’re watching football of course! It’s important that the team we root for wins (obviously) but...

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We want you to continue feeling festive and cheery throughout the entire month, and our Stella Spice cocktail will help you feel just that. With the perfect amount of sweetness and spice, this Stella Rosa cocktail is sure to put you in good spirits. INGREDIENTS 3 bottles...


It’s finally Friday and you know what goes best with the weekend?  That’s right, Stella Rosa wine!  Today we are starting the Stellabration a little early and indulging in our favorite Stella Rosso pairing – chocolate!  Chocolate cake, chocolate pie, and let’s not forget the brownies!

SR_Donut Day_Blog_1

It’s finally here!  Happy National Donut Day!  If you’re a donut lover like us, then this holiday is what dreams are made of, and you better believe that we’ll be ringing in the holiday with donuts and Stella Rosa.  Sure, it may not be your average and conventional wine pairing, but Stella Rosa is versatile and pairs well with a variety of dishes and desserts – like donuts! SR_Donut Day_Blog_2


Certain drinks are a staple in the kitchen and the best ones are those that can be used for a variety of times. Our Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti is known as The Versatile One, which says it all. This light, effervescent white goes well with all types of foods, fruits, and desserts. It’s the best summertime wine. Moscato D’Asti can go with any summery snacks or light meals and is most refreshing when served ice cold.


Summer unofficially kicks off Memorial Day weekend and if you haven’t locked in your plans yet, no need to worry because we have a special cocktail that is everything you need to make this a great weekend! Over the Rainbow, Stella Rosa cocktail will make you smile because it is fun, colorful, and delicious!  With tons of fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwis, blueberries, and blackberries, Over the Rainbow is refreshingly delicious and made complete with Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato.  Make sure you add the fruits accordingly into a hurricane glass in order to get the same fun rainbow look.  Pour in Stella Moscato from our Imperiale collection and top with a fun and crazy straw, and garnish with a strawberry!  So simple yet so delicious!

SR_Picnic Basket

With summer right around the corner, we can’t wait for that warm weather.  To us, summer means enjoying the outdoors, and planning fun outdoor activities is one of our favorite things about summer. Today we are sharing a few tips to make your perfect picnic, because summer is the best time to plan a picnic. Whether it’s a park, beach, or backyard picnic, make sure you plan ahead and have all the necessities to make it a great experience.  A picnic basket is key and definitely recommended in order to keep all your foods and drinks organized.  Also, go with plastic dishware and utensils since it weighs less.