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All The Trends Are Pointing To Sparkling Sweet Wine


In the sparkling wine category, there are various styles of wine like Champagne, Prosecco, Cava. You know those three big sparkling wines very well, we’re assuming. But, how do you decide what sparkling wine you want for your occasion? Which one is the proper bubbly to serve? To be honest, these days, it doesn’t quite matter so much anymore. Trends are changing and once-strict guidelines for proper enjoyment of wines are breaking down.

Sparkling sweet wine is making a name for itself, really. Sparkling sweet wine (including semi-sweet sparkling wine) can encompass say, a Prosecco or a Moscato, with a very light hint of sweetness that is just a pleasant delight.


Today, there is absolutely nothing wrong with selecting a sparkling wine over a still wine for just another night at home. In fact, more people are liking this shift in the industry, especially with the emergence of more sweet sparkling wines in the market at lower price points, yet still great wine quality and flavors.

As always, preference shall depend ultimately on personal preference. Recommendations from friends and family are always helpful but wine enthusiasts ought to take their curiosity and explore some other options they might find intriguing too, even if they don’t have any friends or family who have tried it and can vouch for it.

One of our favorite wine brands that is very well-rounded is Stella Rosa Wines. There are semi-sweet white wines and red wines, there are semi-sparkling wines and fully-sparkling wines in this award winning brand.

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