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All About Those Semi-Sweet Wines You Keep Hearing About


The semi-sweet wine category is the fastest growing category in the country. Whether it is Moscato, sweet red wine, or a fruity white wine, all brands are currently trying to perfect this semi-sweet wine combination, and figure out what the people want.


Semi-sweet wines are often categorized with white wines and port wine. Stella Rosa wines have tried to incorporate both red and white wines into the semi-sweet wine category. From fruity to sweet, Stella Rosa wines has you covered. Craving a berry semi-sweet wine? Done. Peach semi-sweet wine? Check!

Semi-sweet wines don’t always need to be white wines, and they don’t need to be a heavy, high alcohol content port wine, either.

For a list of Stella Rosa semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines, check out our collection at StellaRosaWines.com


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