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Affordable Moscato Wines


There are many different types of Moscato wines in the market today, but not many compare to the light, crisp, and refreshing tastes that Stella Rosa’s Moscato wines have to offer. Stella Rosa wines are semi-sweet and semi-sparkling and many people gravitate to their refreshing taste.

Taste is very important when selecting a particular wine. Cost is just as important. Stella Rosa has the perfect selection of Moscato wines that are affordable and still offer quality-tasting wines. Stella Rosa Moscato wines are very popular and pair great with a variety of foods.


You can find a bottle of Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti for $8.95, online or in-store at San Antonio Winery. You can also find Moscato wines from the Stella Rosa Imperiale collection for $14.95. So if you are looking for quality tasting, artisan sparkling wines from Italy, Stella Rosa is the way to go, and you can pick up any bottle of these different types of affordable Moscato wines all for under $20.

Learn more about the Moscato wines offered from Stella Rosa by visiting StellaRosa.com, or visit your local retailer or make an online or in-person purchase from San Antonio Winery today.