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6 Creative Gift Ideas Mom Will Love For Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, we ponder what to get or what to do for the woman who has given us everything. A mother loves, cares, worries, advises, and is the ultimate reason for our existence. From our first baby steps to our first heartbreaks, a mother will always be there and reign as one of the most important role models in our lives. That being said consider giving Mom the royal treatment by treating her like the queen she is. Start her day off right with a homemade breakfast and keepsake gift!



Clay Pendant Necklace
As a child, you’ve probably given Mom a macaroni necklace that she still has and will never throw away. Now that you’re a bit older, it’s time for an upgraded addition: these clay oven-baked necklaces are a dashing touch to your mother’s jewelry collection.



Mother’s Day Photo Cubes
Mothers always love having pictures of their children. Why not make a photo cube with pictures of you and her through the years: when you were an adorable baby, when you were in that awkward preteen stage, when you were a teenage wild child, and now, the well-rounded person you are today. She’ll love revisiting your growth because she was there every step of the way.


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Teacup Candles
Now this might just be your mom’s cup of tea! Some fresh scented candles in a cute, vintage teacup will set the mood for a relaxing day – just what she needs.



A Hand-picked Bouquet
You can never go wrong with flowers – pick out a varietal bunch that are in perfect bloom and whose colors don’t clash too much. And if you know her favorite flowers, that’s a plus! Head to your local florist for expert advice and extra customization, or you can always pick something up at the grocery store or supermarket.



Lavender Lemon Soap
No spa and pamper day is complete without the most hypnotizing soap scents! With a homemade bar of soap, your efforts will be very much appreciated. Make sure to make one for yourself too!



DIY Folding Scrapbook
Take a stroll down memory lane by jotting down your favorite memories with Mom, and include some photos here and there if you can. Put them all in one place for her – a scrapbook. You can easily make and decorate one yourself!

A gift for your mother will definitely take some careful planning (and it should!). The smile you see on her face when she gets this, it’s priceless. Don’t forget to give her a bottle of her favorite Stella Rosa too!

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