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5 Great Upcycling Ideas: It’s Not Trash Yet!

You may have some objects laying around the house that you might think are trash, but don’t get your trash bags ready just yet. Some of these objects have potential to become something new! Here is where upcycling comes into play. Grab a couple of friends, maybe a bottle of Stella Rosa too, and get ready to get crafty. Here are some fun filled ideas for you:

1. Milk Carton Planters – Spring is just around the corner. Cutting up empty milk cartons to plant something new would be ideal for the season.



2. Toilet Roll Airplanes – Those toilet paper rolls can become a neat airplane. This one is great for the kids. Even they can help along!

1 Make Cardboard Toilet Roll Planes Dusty Crophopper Skipper


3. Tin Light – Got some empty tin cans? They can go perfect as a table decoration or they might even be perfect to set the mood with your boo!



4. Memory Jar – Store all your greatest 2014 moments in a jar! All the great and amazing things that happened throughout the year should be remembered. It’s a fun way to cherish life’s greatest moments.



5. Broom Head Desk Caddy – Need to get organized? Get that old broom of yours to start getting everything in order.



Maybe you have some other great ideas of your own. You might even discover one pretty soon. So we mustn’t think that everything is merely trash. It might just end up being a treasure!


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