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About Stella

About Stella Rosa

Stella Rosa Rosso semi-sweet wine

[title size=”2″]Why Stella Rosa?[/title]

She’s the wine you love, the red, the white, maybe the pink. You can’t get enough of Stella Rosa® mania. What’s happened in the last few years is like a cult following for Stella. The first time you tried this lovely little “semi sweet” wine you fell in love, and it probably didn’t matter where you were, what you were doing, or what type of fun (or mischief) you were getting into. Was it your best girlfriend who introduced you? Could have been your colleague at work? Had it at a party? So now you love Stella Rosa®, you crave Stella Rosa®. She’s the best semi-sweet wine around.

Stella Rosa® is a totally different wine than the rest. Have you ever tried a wine and said, “That’s so bitter” or “That’s too strong.” You’re not alone! The typical Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot wines are boring – right?

Stella is not boring! It doesn’t try to be rough, bitter, strong, and hard to drink. NO WAY. Stella Rosa® is light, fruity, “semi-sweet”, nicely sparkling and easy to drink. Stella Rosa® is so different from the rest.

[title size=”2″]Stella Rosa’s Story[/title]

Stella Rosa® originates from a small town in Northern Italy where drinking exquisite sparkling wines is a daily occurrence and not out of the ordinary. In Stella Rosa®, the secret of these wonderful wines was brought to America where everyone instantly fell in love with them. Stella Rosa® is a selection of wines imported by San Antonio Winery, owned and operated by the Riboli Family for four generations since its establishment in 1917. Enjoy this award-winning collection of semi-sweet, sparkling wines today!