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A Twist To Make Thanksgiving A Little More Meaningful

A Twist To Make Thanksgiving A Little More Meaningful

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Put your thanks and gratitude into writing on a special keepsake that won’t be over-shadowed by all the food, drinks, and chatter at Thanksgiving dinner. Honor each of your dinner guests with a personalized note with their name and why you are thankful for them!

Get started with our downloadable and printable templates: pdf-icon


There are blank templates for you to fill in on your own, but we also went ahead and gave you some fun, creative options to use (or use as inspiration).


You might notice the PDF also includes a template design for a tag that hangs on something… And that something is a bottle of wine! This is an option that allows you to dress up your dinner table one level more by placing a bottle of Stella Rosa wine at each guest’s seat, and hanging a personalized neck tag on those bottles.


The ones at your Thanksgiving table are the ones you love the most, the ones you share the best memories with. You have endless options for why you can be thankful for them, and you’ll notice just by our examples, it can be for any gesture, large or small. It might just take a bit of reminiscing to think of something unique to say!

And if you want to make it a little more fun, put their names on the back of the card so it’s not visible, and have them guess which setting, and note of thanks, is meant for them.

From us at Stella Rosa, we are most thankful for you for… everything! From the time you declared us your favorite wine of all time to the time you introduced us to your friends to all the times you invite us to celebrate a special moment, thank you! We wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!


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